Pamper yourself at home with our exclusive Pampered Bliss gift basket.  Renew your tired muscles with Kneipp bath salts.  Included are Lavender Mineral Bath Salt - RelaxingValerian & Hops Mineral Bath Salt - Dream AwayArnica Mineral Bath Salt - Joint & MusclesEucalyptus Mineral Bath Salt.  Hydrate your lips with FlashPatch® Hydrating Lip Gels, which provide deep hydration to soften and sooth your lips.  Add a splash of Soothing Touch oil  to your bath and soak in this secret luxury. Each bottle contains Vitamin E, antioxidants, pure herbal extracts, flower essences and natural aromatherapy oils.  Show some love to your eyes with Flash Patch Vitamin C-packed eye gels.  These are paired with green tea extract to improve microcirculation which lightens the appearance of dark circles, and mulberry extract, an ancient skin brightener.  Also included are two deluxe brushes that will help you gently exfoliate and rejuvinate your skin. 

Pampered Bliss Gift Basket

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