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Aqua Webb, LMT NMT 

January 2021

A new year brings new hope!  2020 was full of challenges for many of us, and these challenges can cause tremendous stress on the body.  At Frisco Massage Therapy, advanced certifications in Neuromuscular Massage Therapy and Myoskeletal Alignment are used for their cohesive applications for acute pain, sports therapy, injuries, myoskeletal dysfunction and repetitive pattern problems. 


These therapies are not like a traditional Swedish massage; every action and motion in the massage has very specific goals relating to the compensations your body has made to function while under duress.


A therapeutic massage will bring the body back into harmony (or homeostasis) with all the other systems in the body. The objective is to reset the pain receptors, release muscles to their full form and abilities, and restore postural structure, thereby assisting the body in pain recovery and healing.

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