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Pain Management ~ Sports Therapy ~ Wellness Support

Aqua Webb

Neuromuscular Therapist  

Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist

License Number: MT108912

Owner and Managing Partner

Adriana Morales

Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist

License Number: MT119956

You have found Frisco's best choice in massage therapy for pain management, sports therapy and wellness support. Frisco Massage Therapy is a 5 star massage clinic operating in Frisco, Texas for more than 10 years.


Therapist Aqua Webb and the Frisco Massage Therapy team specialize in Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy, Sports Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. 

Our goal is to give you a customized and specific, goal-centered therapy that exceeds your expectations and provides a progressive treatment plan to give you the recovery you need.

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